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Rutgers Clinical Research Data Warehouse & Analytic Services


Rutgers University has made significant, strategic investments in new technologies and in recruiting the talent and expertise in computational medicine and Biomedical Informatics to advance key translational and clinical projects.   A cornerstone for these efforts is an enterprise-wide clinical research data warehouse (CRDW) that can reliably integrate data arising from Electronic Medical Records (EMR); Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Tumor Registries, Biospecimen Repositories, Radiology and Pathology archives and next generation sequencing devices.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder, a team of physicians, systems biologists, engineers and scientists at Rutgers and RBHS have designed, developed and implemented the methods, protocols and workflows to facilitate the extraction, standardization and ongoing population of  the Clinical Research Data Warehouse with information originating from a full range of data sources including the EHR containing, laboratory results, digitized pathology, radiology imaging studies and data originating from radiology reports, pathology reports and genomic sequencing studies. The co-localization of such a broad number of correlated data elements representing the full spectrum of clinical information, imaging studies and genomic information coupled with our experience and expertise in advanced pattern recognition, high-performance computing and data mining has positioned our team with unique opportunities to optimize personalizing treatment, refine best practices and provide objective, reproducible insight as to the underlying mechanisms of disease onset and progression.

See for recent publication describing first generation system.